As perform fix kitchen in the Khrushchev

Supposably, you there kitchen in the Khrushchev. Served it to you so to speak faithfully more years. Here suddenly it breaks. what to do in this case? In general, about this I and tell in article.
The first step sense find specialist by fix kitchen in the Khrushchev. This can be done using or profile forum. If price services for fix you want - consider problem possession. If cost services for repair you would can not afford - in this case you will be forced to practice mending kitchen in the Khrushchev own hands.
So, if you still decided own do fix, then primarily must learn how repair Khrushchev in the kitchen. For this purpose sense use yahoo or, or look numbers magazines "Junior technician", "Model Construction", "Skilled master" and etc..
Think you do not vain spent efforts and this article help you make repair kitchen in the Khrushchev. In the next article I will tell how repair bric psp or bric psp.